Additional Speaker Added

Greats news! WCUCC will now be host to not six but SEVEN plenary speakers! We are so excited to add Dr. Derksen to our list of speakers, visit our Speakers page and follow the quick links to learn more about his work, and the work of all of our great speakers!

Holiday Inn reduced rate for WCUCC goers!

Did you know? The downtown Holiday Inn (conveniently located only one block away from campus) has reserved some reduced rate rooms for conference attendees if rooms are booked prior to March 15th! After this date, booking and prices are subject to availability. Follow THIS LINK to book as a WCUCC conference attendee!

Jon Clardy- Presentation Abstract

Eavesdropping on Bacteria Dr. Jon Clardy All eukaryotic organisms, including humans, have spent their entire evolutionary history in close association with bacteria, and the two forms of life have been competing, cooperating and coexisting for almost 3 billion years. As bacteria sense and respond to the world with molecules, eavesdropping on these messages – intercepting, […]