Dr. Douglas Goltz

Dr. Doug Goltz is an analytical chemist and is the current acting Dean of Science at The University of Winnipeg. Dr. Goltz has been a faculty member in The University of Winnipeg’s Department of Chemistry since 1997. Dr. Goltz’s research is primarily in the area of analytical chemistry and the science of cultural objects. He is currently active in many projects including microsampling for metal and pigment identification using atomic spectroscopy; and visible and near IR hyperspectral imagining for examining historical objects using mid-IR. Dr. Goltz obtained is PhD on the vaporization mechanisms of metals and inductively coupled plasmas from Carleton University in 1995 and conducted Post-Doctoral research at McGill from 1995-1997.

Acting Dean of Science
Professor of Analytical Chemistry
Department of Chemistry, University of Winnipeg


Presentation Abstract
“Applications of Spectroscopy for Studying Cultural Objects”

Art historians and conservators have been using sophisticated analytical and spectroscopic techniques for assessing artwork, dating objects and attributing specific artistic pieces to artists. Numerous instrumental techniques that have been developed by chemists have also been applied to address questions related to cultural objects. This presentation will describe a number of research projects where analytical chemistry and spectroscopy has been used to study works of art
such as paintings and historical texts